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October 2017

Five Common Financial Aid Myths

Four Numbers You Need to Know

Medicare and Your Employer Health Plan

Working in Retirement What You Need to Know

June 2016 10 Reasons to be Cheerful
October 2015 Tipping Tips for the Digital Age
February 2015 Weather vs. Climate
October 2014 Did Anything Actually Happen?
July 2014 Nobody Knows
February 2014 The Golden Ticket Trap
December 2013 Many Happy Returns
October 2013 Bravo, Dr. Fama
July 2013 The Art of Letting Go
October 2012 The Top Ten Money Excuses
April 2012 Estimating Social Security
February 2012 Leave Me Alone
January 2012 The Good Old Days
September 2011 Mosquitoes Leeches or Vampires
August 2011 Living with Volatility
June 2011 Financial Skills for Kids Leaving for College
February 2011 The ‘New Normal’
December 2010 Flex Spending Plan & HSA Changes for 2011
October 2010 More Failures More Coverage
September 2010 Darkness Before Dawn
August 2010 Thinking About Investing
June 2010 Thrifty (and Better) Fun
May 2010 Health Care Reform: Planning Tips
March 2010 The Freedom to Save
January 2010 A Foggy Crystal Ball
November 2009 The Devil’s Dictionary
October 2009 Your Credit Score
September 2009 Bear Market History
August 2009 Accessible Economics and Train Your Brain
July 2009 “VIP” Stocks go M-I-A
June 2009 Understanding Your Tolerance for Risk
May 2009 Myths of Market Underperformance
April 2009 Great Sources for Clear Financial Information
March 2009 The Role of Fiduciary
January 2009 Rediscover the Joy of Spending
December 2008 Bonus The Madoff Scandal
December 2008 Pet Insurance
November 2008 Open Enrollment for Employee Benefits
October 2008 Is It Different This Time?
September 2008 Why We Worry About the Wrong Things
August 2008 Record Retention - Keep What and for How Long?
July 2008 Mid-Year Tax Tips
May 2008 Unclaimed Property
April 2008 If You Should Die Tomorrow
March 2008 The Bears are Wrong
February 2008 Deja Vu All Over Again
January 2008 The Long Term Perspective & It’s Time to Update Your Net Worth Statement
December 2007 Should You Buy a Timeshare?
November 2007 Bonus Why Your Brokerage Accounts Are Safe
November 2007 How Does FDIC Insurance Work?
October 2007 What Is the S&P 500?
September 2007 No Free Lunch
August 2007 Lighten Up!
July 2007 Forever Stamp - Is It a Good Investment?
June 2007 How Much Did Your Home Cost?
May 2007 How to Put a Freeze on your Credit
April 2007 “Richest Man in Babylon” and IRA Tips
March 2007 Is it Over? Time to Get Out? or Buy Now?
February 2007 The Poetry of Money
January 2007 Update Your Net Worth Statement and Home Filing Records
Net Worth and Goal Setting Template
December 2006 The Nightmare Before Christmas
October 2006 The DOW at 12000
September 2006 Tax Planning You Can Use
August 2006 Your House is Not a Piggy Bank
June 2006 When Should You Take Social Security?
May 2006 Setting Goals
July 2005 Annuities
September 2003 Twelve-Step Financial Plan